I love all of your muffins! My four year old, Elliot, especially loves your new muffin brownies. His face lights up every time a box arrives from Digestive Wellness because he knows he gets a Muffin Brownie for breakfast the next morning! Thank you for making his tummy happy and my life easier with your delicious treats!

Mary Huff

I absolutely Love your products! Thank you so much for helping so many of us with our digestive issues. Your company is making life so much easier for me. I am passing the word around, and I have been passing on taste tests of your products to friends without digestive issues and they too are falling in love. I have faithfully been on the scd diet for the past 6 months. I have been doing so much better improving daily. Now with your company I can enjoy more products and relax a little on cooking, baking and fermenting day in day out. I now have you to help me out! You're the best!! Thank you, thank you.

Lori - Houston Texas

I just wanted to say thanks to each of you! You are all such a blessing to me in my life. It truly brings tears to my eyes thinking off all you do and how you've made dealing with this way of eating just a bit easier...and tastier!! I pray you will have continued success and keep bring us yummy treats to look forward too!! P.S. I love the new website!!

Dee - Newport Beach, CA.

Dear friends at Wellbee's,

I am very impressed with your website and the products you have for those of us on the SCD.  I have been dealing with numerous Autoimmune diseases for over 40 years and know the medical community unfortunately does not have answers for those of us struggling with those issues.  I discovered the SCD five years ago and my health has improved greatly. I make all my own food from scratch and because things like ketchup and mustard are ingredients in lots of recipes, it’s just SO GOOD to be able to buy them and always have them on hand rather than spend more hours in the kitchen.  Also, not being able to have ANY grains I appreciate that you are making crunchy items available now -- I’ve tried the Melba Toast which was very good and will probably order some Biscotti in future.

Thanks again for your attention to us as customers and a quality product line that’s continually improving.


Linda Allebach - Ephrata, Pennsylvania

I LOVE your new website. It is so much easier to maneuver around. I also love the food you have on here. So good! I am currently on the SCD and this site helps me so much. My favorites are the caramel creme, and the hotdogs. Thank you so much for everything you do.

Christina Carlson, Chicago

I am on a strict SCDiet, and sometimes go crazy trying to find something I can eat to satisfy my sweet tooth.  My nutritionist recommended I try Wellbee's. I ordered the Cashew muffins and Muffin brownies, as well as Pecan and Walnut flour on my first order. I thought they might taste good, but I never expected them to be this delicious! I was blown away by the taste, texture, and the quality ingredients!! I had to hold myself back from eating more than 2 muffins at one time! My daughter, who is Not on the SCDiet could not get enough of these muffins herself, 3 packs lasted one week!! You have another loyal customer, please don't ever change your business practices or your ingredients!

Thank you Esther, Rochel and everyone  at Wellbee's for your outstanding products, excellent customer service and quick shipping!! 

Adele C.-Stamford, CT

Wellbees has all kinds of tasty delights, legal for the SCD diet. It's so nice yet rare to have something that I can have as a quick snack without the prep hassle. Also knowing I won't have a reaction is amazing!!!

 I LOVE Wellbees :)

Diana Goolsbey-Apex, NC

Dear Wellbee's - THANK YOU for providing delicious and nutritious food. When my son was diagnosed with Crohn's, we didn't know where to turn. All the "gold standard" medicines failed and we decided to try the SCD diet. I don't know where we would be if we had not discovered Wellbee's. You have provide wonderful food that helps me to prepare his meals and makes him feel "normal." We love your almond flour - makes such a difference in baking, the pasta sauce, ketchup, barbeque sauce, snacks, to name a few of our favorites. So happy to report that today he is doing exceptionally well - thanks to you:)

Anne Czerwinski - AZ

Hi! I wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for all you've done over the years to support the Specific Carbohydrate Diet! We started ordering from you way back when your ingredient labels were simple white computer labels. Your products are delicious, they make following the SCD so much easier and more convenient, and the growing support you're providing for families who are on the SCD is incredible! We are grateful for you and wish you continued success and growth! Well done Wellbee's!

Stephanie Gottschalk - Indiana

Dear Wellbee’s,

My husband and I had our first conversation with you about 7.5 years ago.  My husband had been diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and his doctor, Dr. Agus, had given us your contact after my husband asked for alternative types of treatments to avoid surgery and heavy medication.

Your guidance and support as we first began SCD was so helpful in making me understand the value of the diet, the health benefits, and the ability to make this overwhelming venture doable.

 My husband has strictly been following the diet since that time and has been able to be off of all medications for over two years. Just this week he received his first completely clear colonoscopy-- disease free, thank G-d.

I am currently pursuing an education in holistic nutrition, to hopefully offer support and council to people in our community who need help with their own health issues. I just wanted to thank you so much for guiding us and honestly changing the way we lived for the better.  Besides for my husband's obvious benefits of learning from you, I have felt so much better since we have started this, and I know that my children have also benefitted by the healthy decisions we have made at home.

 Thank you and your entire staff for all of your help and your amazing products over these past number of years.

Ariella Eltes, Montreal, Canada

I just needed to thank you so much. You cannot imagine what a difference u made for me just now. I started this diet a few days ago and I was so weak and felt too much pressure so i’d Rather not eat than worry about what to eat... and then I called around and was recommended to order stuff through your website and buy your cookbook! They both arrived together, everything was sooo delicious and seeing “regular” delicious looking and yummy tasting food just made my day!!! Thanks so much for everything and mostly for the hope and excitement you just gave me!

Miriam - New York, NY

It's almost one year since my son started SCD journey. Your website made our life very easy by providing essential items. The beginning part was very hard and your product selection could not have been better to make that phase easy. I just wanted to say Thank you to Rachel and her staff for running such a wonderful business. Please keep broadening the product selection.

Rakesh - Ohio

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