Queens Premium Spicy Garlic Pepper Crispy Onions

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Get ready to add a royal touch to all of your meals with Queen's premium gluten-free crispy fried onions–the ultimate crispy and crunchy onion topping! With no flour coating, this spicy onion topping has no net carbs, no sodium, and no added sugar for a healthy keto fried onion! Perfectly seasoned with spicy garlic pepper, the fiery kick adds a touch of heat without overpowering the natural sweetness of the onions. And with the added garlic and black pepper, you get a bold, savoury, and aromatic experience that's fit for royalty! 

With just five simple plant-based ingredients, whether you're a gluten-free gourmand, a keto kitchen pro, or a vegan visionary, with these healthy crispy fried onions, you can easily elevate any dish to royal status with just a sprinkle. Long live the onion!


Onions, Sunflower oil, Seasoning (garlic, pepper, red chili)


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