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Fermentation Lid With Airlock

Fermentation Lid With Airlock

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Includes Plastic Cap with Silicone Grommet installed, 3-Piece Airlock with Vented Lid, Silicone Seal, and Rubber Stopper.

The jar should not be filled more than 80% with food while fermenting. If it's filled above the curve in the jar, the food may expand while fermenting and cause the airlock to overflow.

  • Fits all wide mouth Mason ball jars

Airlock instructions:

 The three piece airlock is designed to provide a perfect airtight, anaerobic environment while fermenting.  It allows carbon dioxide to escape from the fermentation jar without allowing oxygen back in, which could cause mold and spoil the contents.

 Fill the inside part of airlock with water to the fill-line and insert into lid at least half way.

  • Screw the cap onto jar tightly, and store away to ferment. The air will naturally leave through the airlock as fermentation happens. The water keeps the air from getting back in. 
  • When fermentation is complete and you have no room in the fridge with the airlock on, just remove the air-lock and insert the plug into the hole in the cap. That's it.

Fermenting is very simple and easy. Be sure to leave an inch or more air space in the jar and be sure to keep the contents covered with brine. Good luck. You’re gonna love it.