Farm Fresh High Quality Pistachios

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Fiddyment Farms has been in the business of growing pistachios since 1968 and is committed to providing high quality and fresh all-natural California pistachios. When we harvest our pistachios in September, the trees are shaken and the mature nuts fall onto an elevated tarp where they are diverted directly to the truck for hulling and drying. They never touch the ground, unlike other tree nuts. Fiddyment Farms takes great care to put our pistachios through processes to help eliminate empty shells and the debris that you may find at the bottom of the bag in other brands – resulting in a clean, premium package for your enjoyment.

  •     8 oz. of gourmet Unsalted pistachio kernels in a convenient, resealable bag.
  •    A delicious and healthy snack, naturally Gluten Free and Non-GMO.
  •     Pistachios processed in small batches to ensure freshness and top quality.
  •     California grown jumbo sized pistachios.


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