Living With Ulcerative Colitis? The SCD Diet Can Help

Living With Ulcerative Colitis? The SCD Diet Can Help

Posted on October 17, 2015 by Kalman Groner

Living with a condition that severely limits your abilities to take on life’s daily tasks is never easy. Not being able to go to work, spend quality time with loved ones, or do the things that you enjoy is something that nobody should ever have to go through. Diseases are a fact of life , though, and the only thing we can do is try to adjust our lifestyle’s to living with them. Ulcerative colitis, or UC, is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide, and can often make doing normal daily tasks impossible. We know a lot about the specific carbohydrate diet, but few people are aware that for those people living with ulcerative colitis, the SCD diet can help them get their lives back.

What is UC?

Ulcerative colitis is a disease that inflames the bowels, and causes ulcers in the colon. Major symptoms include the constant appearance of blood in the stool, and chronic pain in the intestines. Although many cases are managed with anti-inflammatory drugs, some severe cases are debilitating, and may even require surgery.

What is the science behind the SCD diet?

The specific carbohydrate diet is a regimen that focuses on strictly removing difficult-to-digest carbs and starches. By combining a diet of healthy, easy-to-digest foods such as fish and lean meat with the elimination of complex carbs like wheat, soy, and corn, the goal is to deprive the bacteria in our intestines from the nutrients that they need to thrive. Over time, they lose their food source, and they die off.

How does it help sufferers of UC?

When you eat certain foods that are difficult to digest, it is going to leave a lot of “leftovers” in the colon that don’t get fully absorbed. This in turn encourages the growth of bad bacteria that trigger the immune system to fight back, and cause the symptoms that we mentioned before. When you eat the foods within the diet, you deprive the bacteria of their source of food, and get rid of them in a natural, drug-free way. The benefits were rigorously tested in this study from the University of Nebraska:

An elderly woman was diagnosed with UC after having bloody diarrhea and abdominal pain. After colonoscopy and microscopy treatments confirmed pancolitis, conventional treatments were initiated. By this time she was in severe pain, had lost a lot of weight, and was going very often. However, all of the drugs and treatments failed. After this, the SCD diet was recommended, and the woman cut out soy, wheat, barley, and corn, sticking to a diet of mostly fish, lean meats, and fruits. Within 6 months there was noticed improvement; her weight had stabilized, and the pain had gone away. Other benefits included were lack of blood in the stool, hemoglobin in the normal range, and lack of fatigue. After two years, an endoscopy revealed a “remarkable” absence of inflammation. She was in complete remission.

Living with UC is not easy. It’s symptoms can make living a normal life impossible. The discomfort that one feels from the pain can make each day a struggle. That is why so many people are seeking alternative treatments that don’t use harmful drugs or invasive procedures. The SCD diet is healthy, simple, and scientifically proven to help reduce the symptoms naturally. If you are living with UC, then the SCD diet can help improve your life.