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I am on a strict SCDiet, and sometimes go crazy trying to find something I can eat to satisfy my sweet tooth.  My nutritionist recommended I try Wellbee's. I ordered the Cashew muffins and Muffin brownies, as well as Pecan and Walnut flour on my first order. I thought they might taste good, but I never expected them to be this delicious! I was blown away by the taste, texture, and the quality ingredients!! I had to hold myself back from eating more than 2 muffins at one time! My daughter, who is Not on the SCDiet could not get enough of these muffins herself, 3 packs lasted one week!! You have another loyal customer, please don't ever change your business practices or your ingredients!

Thank you Esther, Rochel and everyone  at Wellbee's for your outstanding products, excellent customer service and quick shipping!! 

Adele C.-Stamford, CT

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