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Dear Wellbee’s,

My husband and I had our first conversation with you about 7.5 years ago.  My husband had been diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and his doctor, Dr. Agus, had given us your contact after my husband asked for alternative types of treatments to avoid surgery and heavy medication.

Your guidance and support as we first began SCD was so helpful in making me understand the value of the diet, the health benefits, and the ability to make this overwhelming venture doable.

 My husband has strictly been following the diet since that time and has been able to be off of all medications for over two years. Just this week he received his first completely clear colonoscopy-- disease free, thank G-d.

I am currently pursuing an education in holistic nutrition, to hopefully offer support and council to people in our community who need help with their own health issues. I just wanted to thank you so much for guiding us and honestly changing the way we lived for the better.  Besides for my husband's obvious benefits of learning from you, I have felt so much better since we have started this, and I know that my children have also benefitted by the healthy decisions we have made at home.

 Thank you and your entire staff for all of your help and your amazing products over these past number of years.

Ariella Eltes, Montreal, Canada

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